Thank You

Thank You to my brother, Matt. For the piggyback ride up and down 15 flights of stairs at the castle in Austria. For the piggyback ride through the Ecuadorian rainforest. For the countless flights of stairs, miles pushed, and hours you’ve spent carrying me on your back. Because of you, I have been able to see parts of the world that only the truly blessed are able to see.

Thank You to my Mom (I know, so cliché). For teaching me that there’s nothing I can’t do. For giving me that internal fire that keeps me going. For helping me start my goal of seeing the world at such a young age. And for giving me a passion for life. As she always says, “Life is meant to be lived.”

Thank You to Tony, my lover and biggest supporter. For encouraging me to do this. For teaching me that my life is a story meant to be told. And for not letting me give up, on this or any of my dreams.

And finally, thank you to Megan, one of my dearest friends. For giving me my nickname – Wheels. And for teaching me that opening up our hearts without judgment is the best way to experience the world.

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