As I sit here, just 18 hours after arriving back in The States, the land where everything is accessible, everyone speaks my language, and the economy is booming, I think of the rest of the world and the people in it. There are so many things in this world that I would change. So many... Continue Reading →

I had my first (and hopefully last) fall of this trips on our way back from breakfast. We were in the area of Belgrade that we found the night before when we look a turn left out of the restaurant, and a few minutes later, I was falling out of my chair. I’m not sure... Continue Reading →

I knew this would happen at some point in the trip. My days are starting to run together and the cities are becoming a blur, one hotel feeling like the next, and each café fading in my overfilled mind. I was dreading this moment. The moment when things would not longer be strong, vivid memories,... Continue Reading →

We had a short and early morning train to Zagreb. We found our hotel mid-morning, a quick five-minute walk from the train station. And we soon after discovered that the rest of Zagreb was just as walkable. I wasn’t expecting much from Zagreb, given that Croatia is mostly a coastal country and that’s where the... Continue Reading →

On day 24, we continued our journey through Budapest. We had conquered many of the biggest sites the day before, so it was a quieter day and I had planned the afternoon to be free to do enjoy the famous Hungarian Thermal Baths. We spent the morning visiting the Chain Bridge, which is a well-known... Continue Reading →

We only walked 12 miles around Budapest today?! We were having so much fun that it didn’t really seem that we had walked that far until we found ourselves in the Gerbeaud Bistro at the end of the day. Tony pulled out his phone and said, “Well, we’ve walked over 25,000 steps and almost 12... Continue Reading →

Traveling Eastern Europe is like falling in love. It only gets better, richer, and more fulfilling. I knew within minutes of walking the streets in Bratislava that it was a city I would adore. And that I do. I think it could be referred to as “Europe’s Unfound Treasure.” Granted, it’s small, and likely only... Continue Reading →

I’ve become quite savvy at planning out a day of touring on a whim, usually over breakfast. While I had a big chunk of our six-week trip planned (hotels and trains mostly), I didn’t have specifics in each city lined up. We have two tour books (I know…very geeky, but somewhat helpful in this case) and... Continue Reading →

I don’t want to say that yesterday was uneventful, because after all, we are in Prague. But in the whole scheme of our trip, it was an uneventful day for us. We woke up with plans to see only a few more things in Prague and mostly just enjoy the city…the food, the people, and... Continue Reading →

I had a breakdown yesterday. Tony should get a medal for dealing with me. I had reached my limit. My frustration was to the max. This usually happens after about 10 days of traveling internationally, so it’s no surprise that I just burst. We had left our hotel late in the morning. It was cold,... Continue Reading →

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