The trip from Guadeloupe to Antigua was a long one, and we left before the sun was fully above the horizon.  We had to get to port before the immigration office closed.  This would be our last stop on LUNA.  I took in every bit of the last eight hours sailing on the open water. ... Continue Reading →

The morning started yet again the same way – coffee, fruit, and warm bread.  We were in a rhythm by now.  And one that was fitting me well.  Another 90 miles and we would be arriving at Guadeloupe.  We would be staying at Les Saintes, a series of small islands off the coast of the... Continue Reading →

Around 6 am, we found ourselves sitting on the back of our yacht drinking coffee and eating fresh cut fruit and warm cinnamon bread.  We were finally going sailing!  Giddy with excitement, we arched our backs and craned our necks, unable to contain our excitement for the open sea and the wind that would bring... Continue Reading →

T-2 days until we were departing.  We had just gotten a reminder email about our week long sailing trip.  I was particularly excited about this trip.  We were going to be visiting six different countries in the Southern Caribbean on a sailboat!  Julie, Tony, and me…on a 45 foot yacht, all to ourselves!  It was... Continue Reading →

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