One of the optional tours was an excursion where we could interact and ride with elephants.  None of us had ever done this, so we jumped on board right away.  We were all excited, and a little nervous.  We walked into the venue to see five large elephants all lined up in a row, with... Continue Reading →

I am so proud of Tony!  You see, sometimes I get these hair-brained ideas in my head and I am adamant on doing them.  The most recent, obviously, was scuba diving.  Surprisingly, it didn't take much convincing from Tony (I don't think he thought I would actually go through with it).  But I found a... Continue Reading →

I looked into Tony’s sad eyes a week and a half ago and told him, “This too shall pass…” These are the words my mother has told me time and time again – through heartbreaks, surgeries, job rejections…all the bumps in life. And she’s always been right. Those moments did pass. It was an early... Continue Reading →

Think about the one thing you hate about yourself. The one thing in your life that you try to hide from everyone, afraid of what they might say, or think. We all have something. A scar from that bad fall when you were a kid, or the mole on the side of your face. Whatever... Continue Reading →

I looked over and saw the sweat running down Tony’s face.  “Oh my god, he’s going to hurl,” is all I could think.  I reached for the small green bag stuffed in the cup holder next to me and asked if he needed it.  He just shook his head no as he took deep breaths... Continue Reading →

Dear Dr. Matejczyk, I rode a camel last week.  Because of you.  Her name was Sheila. It was five years ago when I first met you.  I didn’t like you from the moment I saw you.  But then, I didn’t like any of the doctors I was meeting.  I knew that what was ahead of... Continue Reading →

We were coming to the end of our Mediterranean cruise and our last stop was Marseille, France.  We had a bus tour to several churches, most namely being the Notre Dame Cathedral (of Marseille).  I learned there are several Notre Dame Cathedrals in Europe (and this wasn’t the famous one).  Later we would have some... Continue Reading →

“Ding! We’ve reached an altitude of 10,000 feet. You may now use your portable electronic devices including laptops and Wi-Fi enabled devices." The next time you’re on a flight and you hear this announcement, look out your window. This is precisely the altitude we were at when we jumped out of the plane, although I... Continue Reading →

The world’s largest seated Buddha is on top of a mountain on a small island off the coast of Hong Kong. There are two ways to get to Big Buddha, also known as Tian Tan Buddha. The first is to walk there. I believe it’s called the Wisdom Path. If I had to guess, a... Continue Reading →

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