A few of you have asked for tips on travel, and specifically traveling at a reasonable cost. Here are just a few sites to check. For the Brunses, we often let “the deal” determine where we’re going (rather than choosing the destination and then looking for a deal).

Here are three re-sellers – they don’t provide the package, they just re-sell for tour (and other) companies

  1. – tends to be more adventure travel, but has great deals! For example, right now 13 days in Vietnam for two people is $1399 (plus airfare). Vietnam is an awesome place!
  1. – more great deals for all kind of travel! At times the same package may be listed on theclymb and livingsocial (when we did our Vietnam/Cambodia bikeride it was $400 less on theclymb than livingsocial, but both were significantly less than if we had booked directly through the tour company – With livingsocial, often if you have four people going, one is free. Example: Iceland is $699/person (including air out of Chicago or NY), so with four travelers, it’s only $525 each.
  1. – again, great deals on all kinds of travel!

A great tour company that often runs specials and just does a great job overall is Sometimes gate1 packages are listed on livingsocial and groupon at a lower price than if you go directly to the gate1 site. Get on their mailing list to get coupons and specials.

– If you’re booking flights, check You can often save a chunk of money by booking to another destination that has a layover at your destination. However, you have to book each leg of your flight separately (can’t book round trip) and you can’t check bags. Of course – whenever possible (and it’s always possible!) don’t check bags 😉

-For accommodations, check – again, great deals.

To shop trip insurance:

And of course, always check – not just for travel, but for any online ordering. For example, right now groupon getaways has a 9% rebate, and living social is typically 6%. Add this to mileage points you get on your credit card (and points you get for flights), and you can get free plane tickets.

Would love to hear what others are doing to find great adventures at a reasonable price! The more you save the more you can travel 😉

Originally written my by mother, Amelia Erhart

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