This post is about my travels to Switzerland, Austria, and Germany in 2013.  I know it’s from a while ago, but I want to get it in writing, for you, and for myself.  Enjoy!

Our first day in Zurich, Switzerland was a blast.  Here’s the story on that one: OUR FIRST PUB IN ZURICH.

Our second day in Zurich was spent seeing the sights.  We did a lot of walking, but the weather was perfect for it.  We visited Altstadt (German for ‘old town’) where we had a nice lunch on a patio outside amongst trees.  It is, as I’ve said many times before, one of my favorite things to do while traveling overseas.  The US just hasn’t quite figured out how to do outside dining.  From there we headed to the Rietberg Museum.  The museum is filled with art from all over the world, but what I remember the most about it is that it was on the top of a hill.  A hill covered in tiny gravel that was just steep enough to really get my heart racing.  The gravel path was lined with trees, all very green, that made it feel more like I was going to a castle than a museum.  With the help of Katie, Julie, and Matt, we made it to the top of the hill.  And while the museum itself was great, I think the scenery and picture opportunities on the grounds around it were the best part of it all.

Our next stop was Bahnhofstrasse, a street well known for it’s high-end retailers.  Needless to say, we didn’t spend much time there.  But it was very close to the main train station, which is quite extensive, and very easy to use, if you understand just a little bit of German.  Fortunately, my brother knew enough of the language to help us find our way.


We had one more thing to see before dinner – the Landesmuseum (German for ‘The Swiss National Museum’) and Platzspitz Park.  Again, the architecture and building itself were more fascinating than the contents of the museum (or at least to me, I should say).  It was near a river, which we spent quite a bit of time just strolling along.  There were ducks and families and an incredibly peaceful ambience.

Before we knew it, the sun was setting and it was time for dinner.  I had found a very famous restaurant months ago known for it’s experience of eating in the dark.  I had made a reservation as I knew this was something we would all love.  We made our way back to the guesthouse to refresh and found ourselves standing in the lobby of Blindekuh at precisely 8:30 pm.  I approached the hostess and gave her my name but she could not find it.  After a few minutes of searching her records and speaking to her colleague in German, she came back to let me know that they did not have a reservation for me.  I was baffled and confused.  She searched again and said that it was for the following night.  I had made the reservation for the wrong day.  There were no more openings for that night, and unfortunately, we had an early morning train the next day.  There was no way we would be able to eat at Blindekuh.  I was sad for myself and sad for disappointing the others; I knew they were all looking forward to this experience the most of all the things in Zurich.

We found ourselves eating a local restaurant down the street, quickly forgetting about the mishap and enjoying the locals.  But before the night was over, I promised myself that I would someday make it back to eat at Blindekuh.



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