1. You don’t have to plan anything

Let’s face it, one of the reasons we go on vacation is to get away and relax. When you book a trip through a tour company, all the planning is done from the get go. Most times you will show up in your destination city with a private driver waiting for you at the airport, instructions on when to get up the next morning, and a completely laid out itinerary. There is virtually no stress or research involved in determining how long to stay at each city, transportation, or where to eat.

2. They can translate for you

If you are in a new place where the locals don’t speak your language, it’s convenient to have a designated translator for you. You are guaranteed to get the most out of each tourist site as they can provide educational information in your language, without you having to seek out signs in English, or attempt to understand what the locals are saying.

3. You get to spend a whole week getting to know a local

Whether you like it or not, spending an entire week with someone is bound to build some sort of a bond. I have several tour guides as friends on Facebook, and keep in touch with many of them. It’s fun to learn about the culture directly from the source, without a filter. Getting to know people is fun, and getting to know them on a more intimate level is rewarding. The things you learn from your tour guide will be carried with you for the rest of your life.

4. The hotels are guaranteed to meet your expectations

Booking a trip through a tour company gives some reassurance in regards to quality of your accommodations. Tour companies do plenty of research and know which hotels and lodges are clean, comfortable, and relaxing. It takes the risk away from doing your own research and ending up in a less than appealing hotel.

5. You can get group pictures…without needing a selfie sitck

Of course we all want pictures of every moment! Having a tour guide is great as they can capture your whole group in one, so there’s not always an awkward session with three, or four, or five people rotating out of the pictures. And they’re used to taking pictures, so the quality – angle, speed, lighting, and so on – are always on par.



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  1. I like both: traveling with and withput a tour guide. It all depends on many other factors like timimg, money, locations etc.
    And traveling to Germany every year to see my family is always the best


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